Security and a Firewall is very important when building a website and at North County Media we take it seriously. There’s Spyware, Malware and who knows what else lurks in the shadows waiting to Hack your website.

We give you all the protection and set up everything you need for your website for a stunning low price of $14.95  per month/website. Includes everything you see below and more. Plus Includes a Very crucial outside scanner.

Automatic Malware Scanning and Site Monitoring Solution included.

Often when malware code has been inserted into your site you will normally not notice anything out of the ordinary based on appearances, but it can have a dramatic effect on your site’s search ranking. This is because the bots and spyders from search engines such as Google have the capability to detect malware when they are indexing the pages on your site, and consequently they can blacklist your website which will in turn affect your search rankings.

Finding out by accident that your site has been infected with malware is usually too late!

Some website owners are unaware for weeks, months or even years that their site has been hacked and that it has malware. Of course when they do eventually find out, it is because they have noticed that their site’s traffic dropped and their revenue has been negatively affected.

Don’t let malware infections and blacklistings by google and other search engines spoil all of the hard work you have put into your website and online business. You won’t find a better deal at $14.95 per month.

Automatic Monitoring of Malware Injection

Web sites need to be maintained with security monitoring to protect the web site integrity, availability and confidentiality.

You never want to get to the point where visiting your site will show an warning like the one shown below.

Our scanner will regularly scan your site and notify you as soon as it finds malware on your site. You will be able to take action and repair the hacking before your website or any visitor is harmed.


DataBase Security and Back up.

Automatic Scheduled Backups.
NCM can automatically generate backups periodically based your personal settings.
Set the value for how often you would like an automated backup to occur.
Choose the number of backup files you would like to keep in the backup directory.
The system can email you the backup file after a DB backup has been performed.


.htaccess Security and Back up

Your “.htaccess” file is a key component of your website’s security and it can be modified
to implement various levels of protection mechanisms. This feature allows you to backup
and save your currently active .htaccess file should you need to re-use the the backed up file in the future.
You can also restore your site’s .htaccess settings using a backed up .htaccess file.

wp-config.php File Operations

Your “wp-config.php” file is one of the most important in your WordPress installation.
It is a primary configuration file and contains crucial things such as details of your
database and other critical components. This feature allows you to backup and save your
currently active wp-config.php file should you need to re-use the the backed up file in the future.
You can also restore your site’s wp-config.php settings using a backed up wp-config.php file.

Export or Import your WP Security & Firewall settings.

This can be handy if you wanted to save time by applying the settings from one site to another site.

WP Generator Meta Tag

WordPress generator automatically adds some meta information inside the “head” tags of every page
on your site’s front end. Below is an example of this:

The above meta information shows which version of WordPress your site is currently running and
thus can help hackers or crawlers scan your site to see if you have an older version of
WordPress or one with a known exploit. This feature will allow you to remove the WP generator
meta info from your site’s pages.

Scanning your website.

The system will Scan your website for any file changes and If given an opportunity hackers can
insert their code or files into your system which they can then use to carry out malicious acts on your site.
Being informed of any changes in your files can be a good way to quickly prevent a hacker from
causing damage to your website. In general, WordPress core and plugin files and file types such
as “.php” or “.js” should not change often and when they do, it is important that you are made
aware when a change occurs and which file was affected.

The “File Change Detection Feature” will notify you of any file change which occurs on your system, including the addition and deletion of files by performing a regular automated or manual scan of your system’s files.
This feature also allows you to exclude certain files or folders from the scan in cases where you know that they change often as part of their normal operation. (For example log files and certain caching plugin files may change often and hence you may choose to exclude such files from the file change detection scan)
You can have the system to automatically/periodically scan your files to check for file changes based on your settings.

Peace of mind:

Feel safe in knowing that your site is being monitored daily for malware and that our notification service will keep you informed of your site’s malware and blacklist status by letting you know quickly if and when a malware infection has occurred on your site, so you can take action immediately before you are penalized with your search rankings.

Save yourself money and heartache:

By being quickly and accurately informed if your site has been hacked can usually mean the prevention of the loss of thousands of dollars in potentially lost revenue!

If your site is unfortunate enough to be injected with malware or other malicious code, we can help you quickly clean it and get it back to normal operation ASAP.  Contact us today

BLOCK Visitors Based on their country

There is another Security Addon you may purchase for a one time fee of $29.95  The AIOWPS Country Blocking plugin is an addon for the All In One WP Security and Firewall plugin. This plugin will allow you to block visitors based on their country.

What does it do?

This plugin will allow you to block visitors based on their country. The plugin will calculate the visitor’s country of origin by using the IP address of the user.

For example, if your website or online business is aimed primarily at US web users, but in addition to your good traffic you are also currently seeing a lot of hacking attempts or unwanted SPAM and traffic say from Romania, then you can easily block people or bots which originate from that country.

Identifies country of origin based on IP address with 99.5% accuracy!

This addon uses a professional, commercial database which contains the latest IP and country information with an accuracy of 99.5%.